May 8, 2021
"an outwardly relaxes demeanour that belies his intensely focused playing..."

Chiyan's performances with the Hong Kong Philharmonic and Christoph Koncz in Ravel's Concerto pour piano have earned enthusiastic responses from

"Following Hong Kong-born pianist Chiyan Wong’s impressive Mendelssohn and Bach/Busoni recital last Monday at City Hall, expectations were high as the Berlin-based virtuoso joined the orchestra for Maurice Ravel's brilliant Piano Concerto in G major. If ever a piano concerto suited a pianist, this was it. As cool as can be, with an outwardly relaxed demeanour that belies his intensely focused playing, the gifted virtuoso delivered super-clean and crystalline articulation right from the initial whip-crack beginning. His sustained trilling was stunning, and phrasing in both the bustling Allegramente and Presto outer movements was always purposeful. With fantastic jazz-infused wind solo interjections across the board, Wong appeared as comfortable as any jazz musician would be in their local piano bar. The evening’s highlight was arguably the gorgeous Adagio assai, a quasi love song of Satie-like simplicity and tenderness in Wong’s hands, producing sound of ethereal quality whenever he emerged from the orchestral texture."

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